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Toru Takemitsu Composition Award

Framework of the Award

The orchestral composition competition will take place in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Young composers from all over the world are urged to submit their newly created works during their preferred competition year (may enter multiple years).
Preliminary Screening: The judge will screen the submitted scores and select a certain number of works to be performed.
Final Selection: Those works selected during the preliminary screening will be performed in concert at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall: Takemitsu Memorial, and the year's award will be decided by the judge following the performance (see [Final Concert and Other Information]).
Cash Award: Cash Award: the total sum of 3,000,000 Yen, each year.
The judge may withhold the prize (i.e. in absence of a suitable entry) or divide the prize among multiple entries.
The composers whose works are selected to be performed at the final selection will be invited to attend the concert.

Competition Procedure

Eligible scores
Compositions for orchestra in any format except concerto, within the following instrumentation and to be performed with one conductor.
Scores that have been published, performed in public concert or commercially recorded are not eligible.
3 (may double on piccolo or alto flute)
3 (may double on English horn)
3 (may double on E-flat or bass clarinet)
3 (may double on double bassoon)
Extra wind
1 (one extra wind not listed above may be included)
2 players (may include piano(s), celesta, synthesizer)
4 players (including Timpani)
Double Bass
  • A change in instrumentation may be requested if unusual wind / percussion instruments are used.
  • Any keyboard used (synthesizers included) must be easily available in Japan. If a specific model is required, please consult with the secretariat beforehand.
  • Any applicant requiring inclusion of a keyboard or synthesizer must provide their own programmed sample and tone data, compatible with the model being used.
  • Computer-based synthesizers, including software synthesizers, may be included but the keyboard player must be able to play the instrument from a piano-style keyboard. The applicant must also prepare the computer, software and interface.
  • No use of real-time electric amplification / modulation and no accompaniment by recorded sound tape / CD playing is permitted.
No shorter than 10 minutes nor longer than 20 minutes.
Any person, regardless of nationality, who is not over 35 years old at the end of the year his / her application is submitted.
For the year 2012
Friday, 30 September 2011 (Closed)
For the year 2013
Friday, 28 September 2012
For the year 2014
Monday, 30 September 2013
For the year 2015
Tuesday, 30 September 2014
  • Mailed entries must be received by the above dates.
  • Receipt of entries on the last day will close at 6:00 p.m. (Japan time).
How to apply
Please submit 2 copies of the bound score, together with a completed entry form to the following office by the above deadlines.
*If you cannot open application form (PDF file), please try saving it:
  1. Right-click on the link to the PDF file.
  2. A dialog box should appear. Choose the "Save Target as..." option to save the file.
  3. Choose a location for the file on your hard disk, such as your Desktop, and save it.
  4. Go to the location that you chose in step 3 and open the file.
If you would like to request a printed copy of the application guide, please click here.
[Toru Takemitsu Composition Award]
Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1403 , JAPAN
Tel ; +81 3 5353 0770
 Fax ; +81 3 5353 0771
Entry fee
Further remarks
  1. Only one entry allowed per person.
  2. Scores that have been published, performed in public concert or commercially recorded are not eligible.
  3. The title of the submitted piece should appear on the scores; however the composer's name should not appear. (Scores will be screened anonymously)
  4. Only bound scores are acceptable for submission.
  5. Alterations are not permitted after entry. However, a change may be requested if the judge or conductor concludes the score includes a problem in terms of practical performance.
  6. Written instructions, indications etc. must be in English, French, German, or Italian.
  7. Submitted scores will not be returned.

Final Concert and Other Information

Final Concert Dates
  • The year 2012: Sunday, 27 May 2012
  • The year 2013: Sunday, 26 May 2013
  • The year 2014: Sunday, 25 May 2014
  • The year 2015: Sunday, 31 May 2015
The conductor and orchestra to perform the final selections each year will be designated by Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation.
Selected composers
  1. Will be invited to attend the concert premiere of their works. Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation will cover necessary expenses for their transportation to and lodging in Tokyo, according to the following terms:

    Overseas residents: Round trip airfare (economy class) to / from Tokyo, transportation cost between the airport and hotel, and accommodation at a specified hotel for up to 5 nights.

    Domestic residents: Transportation cost between their city of residence and Tokyo, and accommodation at a specified hotel for up to 5 nights.
  2. Shall be responsible for submitting their biographies, photos and program notes to the sponsor, free of charge. In addition, if requested, they shall participate in workshops and other events in connection with the performance of their works.
Performing materials
Performance materials of the selected scores will be prepared by and be afterwards kept in the custody of Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation. In the case the materials for a selected score are made up by the composer's publisher, Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation will be offered the use of such materials for the performance for a reasonable rental fee to be determined by mutual agreement.



JUNE 2014


30 NOVEMBER 2012

Divertimento Ensemble and its artistic director
Sandro Gorli are pleased to announce the third
edition of the “Franco Donatoni” International
Meeting for Young Composers, which will be held in
Milan in the first two weeks of June 2014.
Applications to take part in the Meeting can be
submitted by composers born after 1st January 1977;
nationals of any country can apply by sending one or
more scores for an ensemble of between 5 and 12
musicians, to be received by 30th November 2012.
By 15th February 2013 an international jury of five
composers (Beat Furrer, Sandro Gorli, Michael Jarrell,
Bruno Mantovani, Alessandro Solbiati) will select three
compositions to be performed in Milan during the
Rondò 2013 season. The three winning composers will
be then commissioned to create a chamber
composition (for seven musicians, one or two dancers
and live electronics). The three original works will be
performed during the third edition of the “Franco
Donatoni” International Meeting for Young Composers,

as part of the Rondò 2014 season.
The selected composers - who will have delivered the
score and the parts within the date specified in the
regulation - will stay in Milan for the entire period of
the rehearsals and will work in close contact with the
musicians of the Divertimento Ensemble.


The activities of Divertimento Ensemble with the support of

are supported by
with the support of the Culture Programme
of the European Union


1. Composers of any nationality, born after 1st
January 1977 are eligible for selection for the
“Franco Donatoni” International Meeting for
Young Composers. Those participating in the
application process can submit one or more
compositions for an ensemble of between 5
and 12 performers. Five copies of each
composition should be sent.

2. Divertimento Ensemble should receive all
scores by 30th November 2012 at the
following address: Via Poggi 7, 20131 Milano,
Italy. Each score must have an attached
filled-in application form (available on
natoni2014_eng.pdf), a copy of an ID
document that proves the applicant’s birth
date, as well as a receipt for the 50 euro
enrollment fee (for each score sent). The
receipt must list the Divertimento Ensemble’s
bank account: Banca Intesa San Paolo, IBAN
IT44H0306909509000018689145, BIC/SWIFT
3. Original scores and scores that have
already been published and/or performed are
equally eligible. They should not be
anonymous. If possible, they should be
accompanied with a CD of the performance.
4. An international jury of five composers
(Beat Furrer, Sandro Gorli, Michael Jarrell,
Bruno Mantovani, Alessandro Solbiati) will
select by 15 February 2013 the three
composers who will be invited to take part in
the International Meeting. The selected
composers will be personally informed, and
the selection will also be published on the
Divertimento Ensemble website by 16
February 2013.
5. The three chosen scores will be performed
during the Rondò 2013 season in Milan.
6. Each of the three selected composers,
whose work will be performed during the
Rondò 2013 season, will be invited to write a
15 minutes chamber composition for an
ensemble of at most 7 musicians (flute, oboe,
clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello), one or
two dancers and live electronics (ad libitum).
7. The score and the parts must be delivered
by 30 November 2013.
8. The three works will be performed in June
2014 in Milan during the third edition of the
“Franco Donatoni” International Meeting for
Young Composers, as part of the Rondò 2014

9. The three composers will take part in the
rehearsals run by the Divertimento Ensemble,
working in close contact with the musicians,
the conductor and the dancers.
10. The three composers, if they come to
Milano and attend the rehearsals, will be
entitled to a reimbursement of € 1,000. Travel
costs will be met by them.
11. Application for participation in the
International Meeting imply the unconditional
acceptance of these rules. Any dispute will be
resolved exclusively by the Tribunal of Milan.
For information:

Divertimento Ensemble
via Poggi 7 - 20131 Milano
tel +39 02 49434973,
cell +39 334 1732400

Call for Applications for the 6th International Composition Seminar

»Past, present and future are, as you know, bound to the procedure of
successiveness merely by their appearance as cosmic time. In our cognitive
reality, however, this succession does not exist, possessing a truer reality
than the well-acquainted clock, which basically indicates nothing else
then the fact that there is no presence in a strict sense. Time bends itself
into a spherical shape. From within this notion, […] I developed my […]
pluralistic compositional technique, which takes the multiple layers of our
reality into account.«

(Bernd Alois Zimmermann, 1918-1970)

Music and Time is the theme of IEMA’s next International Composition Seminar,
which – directed by the Ensemble Modern and the composer and conductor Johannes Kalitzke

– will then be taking place for the sixth time in 2013.
In Europe, the seminar is still unique in its bipartite structure:

In a first »try-out« phase, the compositional ideas, developed for the seminar, sound concepts
and technical approaches will receive two days of rehearsal and discussion together with
Ensemble Modern and one day together with both Ensemble Modern and
hr-Sinfonieorchester. Intensive work sessions will offer the explicit opportunity, to rehearse
only parts of the newly developed or still nascent compositional ideas or sound visions.

In the second phase, ideas and insights gained during the first phase are incorporated in the
new pieces; the works are completed. After a rehearsal phase that also leaves room for
exchange and discussions, the new works see their premiere.

The International Composition Seminar 2013 and its two final concerts are integrated into the
second edition of the festival cresc… Biennale für Moderne Musik which takes place between
21st and 24th November 2013 in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.
Through the cooperation with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, hr-Sinfonieorchester,
the International Composition Seminar will again be giving the opportunity to work together
with a large orchestra.
The seminar will be offering 4 assignments of works for ensemble and 2 assignments of works
for orchestra and ensemble.

The guiding theme is connected to the festival theme of cresc… 2013. Under the topic »Music
and Time«, the work and mindscape of composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann are brought into
focus and contrasted with current approaches to the topic.

The festival is a joint undertaking of the partners Ensemble Modern, Hessischer Rundfunk, Alte
Oper, Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Institute of Contemporary Music at the
Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and Staatstheater Darmstadt.

Composers interested in this project are invited to participate.

Project periods:

15th – 17th February 2013
17th – 25th November 2013

(compulsory attendance without exception)

1st Phase: 15th – 17th February 2013 in Frankfurt
In this first of two phases, the compositions and ideas developed during the seminar will
receive two days of rehearsal and discussion together with Ensemble Modern and one
day together with both Ensemble Modern and hr-Sinfonieorchester. Intensive work
sessions will offer the explicit opportunity, to rehearse only parts of the newly developed
or still nascent compositional ideas or sound visions.

2nd Phase: 17 th – 24 th November 2013 in Frankfurt and Darmstadt
Ideas and insights gained during the first phase can be included into the pieces and the
material is completed before for the second phase (until 1st October 2013). This rehearsal
phase that also leaves room for exchange and discussions, will result in concerts during
the festival cresc... (21 th -24th November 2013).

Final concerts:

21th – 24th November 2013 during the festival »cresc… Biennale für Moderne Musik Frankfurt
Rhein Main«, to be recorded by hr2-kultur.

Age limit:

approx. 35 years

Closing date for entries:

9th September 2012

Notification of results:

Until 1st October 2012. Following the nomination of participants and the assignment of the
compositions for ensemble or orchestra plus ensemble, all participants will be informed about
the exact instrumentation and other relevant conditions.

IEMA covers: travel (within Europe) and accommodation in Frankfurt

Application documents:

Detailed CV, 1-2 scores (also as PDF if available), not older than 2 years, one work for ensemble,
optionally one score for orchestra, optionally recordings (CD or digital), a short text regarding
your compositional ideas on »Music and Time«.

Please send your documents to:
Internationales Kompositionsseminar
c/o Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie
Schwedlerstraße 2-4
60314 Frankfurt

email: akademie@ensemble-modern.com

Application documents cannot be returned.

Contact and further Information:

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie
Christiane Engelbrecht
email: engelbrecht@ensemble-modern.com
cresc... Biennale für Moderne Musik
Gesine Otto
email: otto@ensemble-modern.com


Este espacio está destinado a crear un contacto entre instrumentistas que quieran tocar y compositores que tengan posibilidades de presentar sus obras y requieran músicos para ejecutarlas. Para hacer realidad este vínculo hemos creado este blog donde pueden registrarse instrumentistas (en la lista de jovenes músicos), y compositores (en la lista de compositores argentinos) . Asimismo, estos últimos pueden subir sus obras (partitura y/o grabación) para que los interesados las conozcan y se promueva la ejecución de las mismas.
Para subir sus obras envíenlas a compositoresargentinos@yahoo.com.ar y serán subidas a la brevedad.
Recomendamos a todos los creativos registrar sus obras antes de subirlas a la red.


En el Registro Nacional del Derecho de Autor se registran varias cosas, no solamente obras musicales(por ej también se registran, pinturas, esculturas, coreografías, programas de TV, software etc.), pero en lo que hace a nuestra actividad musical lo que nos interesa es para qué registrar una obra y cómo se hace?.
Que es lo que se registra? . Se registra la Obra Musical en general, que puede comprender música y letra o música solamente , o letra solamente.
Donde se hace? en SADAIC. sito en Lavalle 1547 de la ciudad de Bs As o en delegaciones del interior del país . En La Plata hay una delegación en calle 11 nº 1074.El trámite es personal y se hace con un formulario A (10 pesos) si se registra Música ó Letra, y en un formulario B (16 pesos) si se registra Música y Letra.
Como es el trámite? El trámite es personal y se debe presentar el formulario que allí se compra completo junto con una copia de la obra en sobre cerrado y lacrado. En el cierre del sobre debe firmar el autor. . En el caso que sean varios autores todos deben firmar el sobre y el formulario.La protección que otorga este trámite es válida por tres años. Luego de transcurrido este tiempo puede renovarse el registro. Para proceder a la renovación en lugar de copia de la obra, debe presentarse el certificado de inscripción otorgado oportunamente.La duración del trámite es de 48 hs.

Contactate con nosotros

Para enviar archivos/fotos/textos extensos hacerlo a


Juan Pablo